Just like in the movies, but better!

Many people often wonder how I get the work that I do and where I manage to find it. Some people don’t even think many of the things I do is considered work or could even be a job that someone is willing to pay for. However, my mindset is, if you’re open minded enough, you can get paid to do literally anything! And let me assure you I have done some pretty random things! But I love it and do it mostly for fun but also to continue working for my goals.

I love freelancing as it gives you something new, different and exciting with each job. You get to meet a lot of new people, get offered further opportunities and expand your skills and knowledge base. But also because I know in order to be in a position where I can travel full-time and work anywhere in the world, I have to be multi-skilled and flexible.

Whilst I am trying to push all my work to be online so I can focus on my businesses I want to build and traveling, a lot is in person too which I figured is just a stepping stone to achieve what I am trying to achieve. You gotta start somewhere right? At the moment my freelance work is probably 70/30 in terms of in person to online but I am getting more and more online work as time progresses.

I have done so many different things, just to list a few of the more recent ones:

  • Data administration & bookkeeping
  • Promotion and sales at events
  • Photography assignments
  • House and puppy sat for people over New Years
  • Hospitality functions for private house events, doing dishes and waitressing
  • Video marketing and ads (I do a lot of these)
  • Picking up and recycling card board boxes
  • Mystery Shopping & Market research focus groups
  • Working at club events
  • Wrapping Xmas Presents (yes someone actually paid me to do this at their house for 4 hrs)
  • Sharing posts and links on social media
  • Inspecting open houses for people that can’t be there on their own.
  • Working at wedding expos! (My Fave)

These are just some of the things I have done, there is plenty more but these are within the last two months. These are things literally anyone can do, you don’t even need to have job experience to begin with or any in some cases. So when people tell me they can’t find work, I say you’re not looking hard enough, or you aren’t thinking outside the box. The work is out there, you just have to find it and know where to find it. That can be the hard part.

Ultimate Bridal Event07-2-18-5556
I’m registered with numerous freelance platforms (which ill post in the next blog) and don’t even use half of them as a few keep me busy enough already. But it’s better to have many so you have choices and some are more popular and easy to get work on than others.

This morning I had one of the most unique and rewarding jobs though, so I wanted to share the story. A job ad was posted by a man looking for witnesses for his small wedding ceremony. I was like wow what a unique job, this also took my interest as I am doing a Diploma in wedding planning, so I applied for it and got it.

I remembered back to the moment I was watching a movie which was only a few weeks ago called “The wedding ringer” of a man who hired his whole groom party to be a part of his wedding and act as step in friends as he had to match his fiancé’s bridal party and didn’t have that many people close to him. At the time I was like wow how awesome would that be to be the step in people and assistants to help people through their weddings and attend many. What fun that would be!

This reminded me of that moment. When I told a few of my friends about this job I had been offered, they were like what? That really happens? We thought that only happens in the movies! And they were actually referring to that same movie. Well nope, it actually happened. And I must say I actually had a bit of mixed feelings about it. It was sad yet rewarding at the same time.

As I waited patiently at the hotel the man had advised me to wait at, I was wondering what would actually happen and how this ceremony would take place as I truly had no idea what to expect.

The groom arrived with his fiancé and greeted me and we were escorted to a conference room in the hotel where the marriage celebrant was waiting.  The audience was literally just myself and another man hired as a witness from the same platform. And at that moment as I watched over as the couple were signing all the legal papers, I felt a bit sad that this poor man didn’t have people he could ask or family here as he was from India, to witness this special moment for him and his partner, but happy that I could at least be that person for them.

Once all the papers were signed, the marriage celebrant took the couple to stand and went over the very quick standard marriage vowels. I felt so bad that this was supposed to be one of their happiest memories and they had no one but two strangers to share it with, so I took it upon myself to get up and take some photos of them during the vowel exchange which they were very happy about.

After the vowels they signed some more papers and their marriage certificate and then I had to sign their marriage certificate as a witness. I then suggested to them that I should take some more photos of them with the certificate and the marriage celebrant as photographic memories so they had something to look back on as it wasn’t your traditional marriage ceremony. They were happy with this which then made me happy that whilst these people couldn’t have people they actually knew attend their wedding, that I could be there to offer assistance and help make that day a bit more special and memorable for them, and be that important person signing off on their marriage. That was very rewarding.


(Name blanked out and names not used in this story for privacy reasons.)

It was a very touching and unique job which I am very happy now that I did as I don’t ever think I’ll forget it or have one like it again. It made me remember the true reasons I freelance, and am now studying weddings and events, as I want to be able to help people like this, all over the world in helping their special days and events that extra bit special. As well as giving me excuses to travel to different places and locations that I may not necessarily go to on my own.

 Stay tuned for my next blog to see how I manage to find jobs like this and others, and which sites I recommend and which ones I don’t.


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